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Tanmay Arora

Tanmay Arora

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Founder & CEO

Geetansh Arora

Geetansh Arora

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Rishika Bairolia

Rishika Bairolia

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  • Karina Murray

Karina Murray

Founder & CEO, Aunua Global

  • Dr. Laura Harris

Dr. Laura Harris

Director of Training, Michigan State University, USA

  • Noleen Mariappen

Noleen Mariappen

Impact Entrepreneur & Advisor, Oxford

  • Sangeeta Mulchandani

Sangeeta Mulchandani

Entrepreneurship Expert, UMel, Deakin University, RMIT University & Startup India

  • Varun Singhi

Varun Singhi

Blockchain Business Strategist & Fintech Advocate, MIT Sloan

  • Shivani Bose Madan

Shivani Madan Bose

HR Specialist & Trainer

  • Asrar A. Malik

Dr. Asrar A. Malik

Researcher & Professor, Ex-University of Virginia, UofBarc & UofGlasgow

  • Milena Iacovelli

Milena Iacovelli

Corporate Art Therapist & Business Coach

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Founder & CEO

Tanmay Arora

Computers and Cells, have fascinated me all my life. They are both complex machines that share concepts of signals, pathways, networks, and even memory. Though computers and cells are rather complex machines, the latter holds a revolutionary technology; life, that is now being unravelled by Bioinformatics. We are now deconvoluting the wiring of cells and are only starting to see how life itself is digital in nature. Owing to my interest in Computer Programming, Neuroscience and Bioinformatics, I am currently working as a graduate student on a number of R&D projects and teams at DRDO, IIT- Delhi and several other institutes. Most of these projects attempt to uncover the scientific mysteries of cell machinery and primarily aim at employing Biomimetics and Biologically Inspired Computation for solving critical global health issues of the anthropocene era.

I founded 'Unwired India' in 2019, as an attempt to take Neuroscience to the homes/lives of people and am currently engaged in the pursuit to transform traditional Neuroscience into Neurotechnology and Personalised Neuromedicine. I also co-run a financial literacy startup called “Bully The Bears”, that aims to offer knowledge and understanding on matters pertaining to personal finance, stock market investments and cryptocurrency, by bringing together intensive research on financial subjects from legitimate resources and experts.

Since my formational years, I have always been fascinated with understanding and recording the world around me, trying to dissect complex systems into simpler blocks of matter. Over the past few years, I have had the privilege to be mentored by some of the sharpest minds in India that lead the domain of Molecular Sciences, who have helped me in directing my focus towards Therapeutic Healthcare, Neural Networks, Personalised Medicine and Bioinformatics. The local sustainable impacts of my research, along with my insatiable curiosity to continue understanding the intricate essence of critical global issues has played a pivotal role in directing my inquisition towards transcending self-imposed scientific boundaries.

My interests, however, wander beyond the realms of academia into the realism and adventures that the world has the offer. The art of self-imposed resistance and repeated questioning, makes me truly test the effectiveness of my creations as a musician, researcher, thinker, computer programmer, inventor and student entrepreneur. But, more importantly, as a sentient human being, who aspires to make a difference by integrating Science and Society.

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