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Our team of highly-motivated researchers and technicians, work day and night to bring to you our wide range of Neuroblends and Neurotechnology innovations. We are proud to be the pioneers of Neuroblends, Nootropics and Neurotechnologies in India, as we at Unwired, together employ our time and resources to create the most optimum customer-centric value proposition by bringing you your daily cognitive support through your daily cups of our premium Focal Bean Coffee and Whole Leaf Green Tea. We create an exotic drinking experience for beverage connoisseurs that is to die for. Additionally, we bring elaborate programs on Neuroeconomics and Neuromarketing and their applications for 360 degree learning experience of complex disciplines.



At Unwired India, we are extremely proud of our diverse research pursuits in core areas of Neurotechnology and Non-invasive modalities for treatment and enhancement, ranging from cutting-edge research on transcranial direct and alternating current stimulation to other related ground-breaking aspects in Neurotechnology of the Anthropocene era.

At Unwired India, we are constantly in pursuit of a catalysing a significant paradigm shift, by helping Neuroscience evolve into Neurotechnology by thinking of ways to bring added value to our customers. We want to be more than just a Neuro-based Health&Fitness Business, which is why our group of researchers are currently working on non-invasive neurotech devices for stimulating enhanced cognition, memory and brain function.


Unwired India proudly presents the diverse "Neuroblends" range of premium products- ranging from Natural Nootropics to Next-Generation Immunomodulators, Nutraceuticals, Himalayan Herb Blends, FocalBean Coffee and Exotic Tea alternatives, that provide you with your daily cognitive support.

At Unwired India, quality products are a given. We’re constantly surprising our customers with our impressive range of extras, such as our new neuroblends for memory, focus, energy, mood, motivation, emotional health, creativity, endurance and your daily cognitive support.


Unwired India presents a range of Neuroeconomic learning courses, unravelling the discipline through pragmatic teaching methods. Through analysis of consumer choices and decision making, we research neuroeconomic nudges as a way to enhance consumer priorities. We evolve Neuroeconomic pursuits through active research and development of “Neurotron”, a machine-learning based algorithm that uses eye-tracking, EEG, FMRI and a host of other techniques to better understand the intersection of neural pathways and behavioural economics.


At Unwired India, we provide direct Neuromarketing services that traverse the discipline through holistic and applicable business model research and developments. Our machine-learning based algorithm “Neurotron” can be accessed through the Neuromarketing service. The service provides access to intensive and rigorous application of sensory marketing, eye tracking, facial encoding, EEG & fMRI  data to create personalised long-term business strategies, which accelerate 

next-gen marketing during specific strategic stages of consumer decision making, through AI-driven meta-analysis and prediction of consumer behaviour, choices, perception, proclivity and patterns.