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Article and Video Coordinator, The Hope Project

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I'm a 16 year old honors student finishing out my junior year at The Woodlands College Park High School.

I am currently very involved in my community through my church and outreach programs. I love children and volunteered weekly at The Woodlands Church's Preschool, before being hired there part time.

I am passionate about science and medicine, and I am currently taking medical classes. I have also received my CPR certification, and I am currently working on receiving CCMA certification.

Living in both Nigeria, Spain, and America has helped me develop the interpersonal skills to communicate with people of all backgrounds and overcome social, cultural, and language barriers.

My goal is to someday become a neurosurgeon, as I love to learn about the brain, the nerves, and their functions, as well as helping to fix their problems. I am also thinking about pursuing pediatric neurosurgery specifically.

I’m exited to be a part of Unwired India and see where these opportunities can take me!

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Article and Video Coordinator for The Hope Project
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