Unwired India partners with Aunua Global to collaboratively shape a sustainable future

Unwired India has announced a strategic partnership with Aunua Global with the mission to scale impacts and bridge the world together in working towards sustainable development goals.

Aunua Global is a consortium of global changemakers with a network and framework that can help shape our world towards an impact sustainability one. Their mission is to work towards bridging worlds together with the ecosystem and engage the next generation to inspire the changes necessary for the people and planet. Aunua Academy, Aunua Heroes and Aunua Media are some of the projects blossoming under the umbrella of Aunua Global.

AUNUA ACADEMYThis project has been started with one sole mission - to shine a light on the emotional health & well-being of young people, providing them with free accessible resources 21st century life skills to help support their emotional health and well-being. Aunua Academy has also collaborated with Upcycle Africa and Belouga to start Aunua Academy Africa in order to launch a free online mental health educational app for young people in Africa.

AUNUA HEROES This project aims to empower children, their parents, educators & communities in partnership to consciously tap into their superpowers to co-create positive change in their lives, homes, schools and communities and aligning them with the 17 global goals.

AUNUA MEDIA – This is a series of global online magazines packed with updates, articles, resources, stories and engaging material targeting each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Unwired India is now backed by Microsoft for Startups to transform Global Neurotechnology Markets, and we have been able to create & launch India’s First Online Global Neurotechnology Ecosystem, designed to enhance lives, one mind at a time!

Together, we’re on a mission to make mind & brain-tech solutions accessible & affordable for everyone, everywhere. Members of the community can now create a personalised profile with us from anywhere in the world and become a certified community member to directly access, connect, and collaborate with pioneering neuroscientists, leading researchers, eminent scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs & community members!

Each member’s unique profile is a one-stop solution to all their challenges, questions, issues & problems associated with their brain, mind, & life! This personalised solution allows the members to make the most out of their experience with us & access our different products, services, member forums & communities, as we together grow & evolve by sharing our journeys with the community. Founded in 2020, we like to believe we are bringing joy to India, and it’s something we hope to be scaling for years to come.

1 year, 9 Teams, 6 Corporate Partners, 8 Global Chapters & 7 International Awards.

We now operate & engage with our community of changemakers through six primary verticals/projects:

THE HOPE PROJECT: Scaling awareness against stigma, fear, & apprehensions associated with Neuro-disorders; 1,00,000+ readers.

Project Perceptron (R&D Wing): Brain Computer Interfaces, Neuro-Augmentation, Neuro-Stimulation, Implants, AR/VR

The Brainbow Alliance: Collaborative platform to increase visibility & opportunity of underrepresented communities (BIPOC/LGBT/Women) in STEAM

The Plastic Brains: Nurturing Neuroplasticity: Empowering life-long structural & functional enhances. Rewiring minds through modules & courses.

NEXUS (Connecting Minds & Brains): Affordable & Accessible Neuro/Psycho-therapy, Counselling, Complementary/Alternative Therapy & Peer Support for Mental Dysfunction Alleviation & 6. Mental Function Enhancement.

The Aryabhatta Shankara Neurotech Society is the voice of Unwired India, representing global scientists, students & leaders.

Unwired India is a neurotech-startup that aims at integrating state-of-the-art research and developments in STEM, for catalyzing the transition of Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. At Unwired India, we believe in a user-driven approach, as we aim to make personalised consumer-centric Indian innovations our primary objective.

Our attempts are directed to amplify community well-being & happiness by taking Neuroscience directly to the homes/lives of people. Driven by our vision to act as the common man's catalyst, we are on a collective journey of enhancing lives, one mind at a time. The evolving nexus towards integrating the mind & the chip is particularly being explored further within the framework of this venture. Our work is dedicated towards incorporating both Human & AI resources, by combining classical scientific wisdom with evolving technologies of the future to create a frugal, novel & strategic amalgamation for neurotherapy of disorders and neuro-augmentation/enhancement of lives. This local approach to global contexts is an attempt to uncover & understand the intricacies of human brains & machines by re-imagining happiness through a neurotechnological perspective. Employing diversity for disruption is the very transcriptomic DNA signature that drives exploration at Unwired India.

We provide opportunities to highly-motivated business personnel to join as a part of our team, channel partners, collaborators, distributors, stockists, dealers, region managers, and online business partners. Join us in this transition, as we attempt to integrate 3,500-year-old Vedic traditions and conventional Indian Medicine modalities with new emerging technologies in Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Computer Sciences.

We at Unwired India, are actively involved in invoking youth-driven disruptive change, by helping transform society to transform business, science, technology and innovation by unleashing the minds of 600 million youngsters and leveraging diversity for disruption to further scale the impact across and beyond the glass ceiling.

This partnership is a pivotal step towards amplifying Unwired India's impact zones to a global reach through Aunua Global's well-established collaboration & impact networks, platforms, avenues & channels.

Designed to encourage, celebrate & elevate the lives of global youth leaders across communities, the partnership is expected to evolve as a leading collaboration in the impact sphere through the assistance & support received from Aunua Heroes, Aunua Academy & Aunua Academy Africa!

Together, through our concerted efforts with Aunua Global & our other partners/collaborators, we are progressively advancing everyday towards actualising our vision of impacting 600 million lives by 2030.

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Unwired India is a neurotech-startup that aims at integrating state-of-the-art research and developments in STEM, for catalyzing the transition of Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. We develop avant-garde non-invasive neurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s most critical global issues and challenges. Our mission is to take cutting-edge brain research directly into the lives and homes of people, thereby fostering a unique culture of sustainable neuroscience and scientific literacy in India.

  • Founded in 2020, we are the pioneers of Nootropics and non-invasive Neurotechnology devices in the country, and offer so much more than high-quality, delicious Brain Nutrition products for daily cognitive support; a full-service health and fitness startup that has become an important part of the local community, here in New Delhi, India.

  • We develop non-GMO, all-natural nootropic (smart-drug) formulations, Himalayan herb blends, and specialized amino-nutraceutical interventions and supplements for enhanced brain function, cognition, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration.


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Create a personal profile with us and directly access, connect and collaborate with pioneering neuroscientists, leading researchers, eminent scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs & community members! Your unique profile is a one-stop solution to all your challenges , questions, issues and problems associated with your brain, mind and life!

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We appreciate each & every single one of you and thank you for helping us build a space where you can directly connect and collaborate with minds and hearts that are trying to revolutionise the future of our people and planet.


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