The Neuroeconomics Of Choice

Everything that you do, from your choices in a small shop to the direction you impulsively take on a road when heading home, is influenced by neuroeconomics: it defines the intersection between two disciplines. It explores how the neurological nudges that you are covertly exposed to decide how you behave. This is best explained through examples. For instance, if your streetlights are angled and inclined towards illuminating the main road, notice how they are often inclined towards the slum in their areas. This is done specifically to deter the poor from walking beyond the ghetto by creating psychological discomfort with harsh, glaring lights. A more common occurrence is exemplified by the lighting in a showroom. Notice how so many stores turn the lighting to blue in the evening. This is done to create neural activation that signifies to you subconsciously that it is the morning, thereby creating increased alertness. The opposite would happen if they used yellow lights. They expose the characteristic neural mechanisms of a sunset. So the next time you choose to dwell on the realities that underlie the one you can consciously perceive, note that you are also at the confluence of two disciplines. Neuro-Economics.

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