Unwired India Selected for Microsoft for Startups' 2022 to transform Global Neurotechnology Markets

Unwired India has been selected for Microsoft for Startups' 2022 and is now backed by Microsoft to transform Global Neurotechnology Markets. The program is designed to help startups scale and amplify their impacts quickly.

Unwired India is a neurotech-startup that aims at integrating state-of-the-art research and developments in STEM, for catalyzing the transition of Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. The company has announced today that it has become a member of Microsoft for Startups, a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential startups to enable growth at scale.

At Unwired India, we believe in a user-driven approach, as we aim to make personalised consumer-centric Indian innovations our primary objective. We believe in scaling the efforts of farmers and artisans to give back to society as we undertake services for traditional Indian artisans, cultivators, and farmers, while providing them with assistance in completing the life-cycle of a product with our networked circle of partners from all across- such that we can help take Indian ideas from their brains into the lives and homes of people from all over, thereby catalysing socio-economic development and driving Indian exploration and developments beyond borders.

We provide opportunities to highly-motivated business personnel to join as a part of our team, channel partners, distributors, stockists, dealers, region managers, and online business partners. We are actively employed in fostering an active working environment with income generation and operation opportunities for empowering rural communities of India, helping them with a platform to manifest their revolutionary ideas for cultivating transformations across the country and beyond. Join us in this transition, as we attempt to integrate 3,500-year-old Vedic traditions and conventional Indian Medicine modalities with new emerging technologies in Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Computer Sciences.

We at Unwired India, are actively involved in invoking youth-driven disruptive change, by helping transform society to transform business, science, technology and innovation by unleashing the minds of 600 million youngsters and leveraging diversity for disruption to further scale the impact across and beyond the glass ceiling.

As a program member, Unwired India will have exclusive access to Microsoft’s technology, market ecosystem, and business support, in addition to the opportunity to collaborate with other program partners, including SkyBrain Smarter Home. Moving forward, Unwired India shall leverage Microsoft Azure- IoT, Visual Studio Enterprise Cloud and cutting-edge Machine Learning platforms/power apps towards integrating its R&D projects and amplifying its global impact.

"After being recognized as the Top 10 Biotech Startups in 2021 and the Fastest Growing Companies of the year, we're extremely honoured to be amongst the finest cohort of select companies from around the globe that have been chosen by the Microsoft for Startups program. We plan to employ the opportunity to the fullest and use the platform's resources to catalyse transitions, foster collaborations and build the most efficient and effective solutions in Brain Tech & Mental Health Sciences. As Global Leaders and the pioneers of India's First Online Neuro-tech Ecosystem, this opportunity places us in extremely strategic positions across the domain and beyond, as we move towards advancing and revolutionising the face of Neurotech R&D." -Tanmay Arora, Founder & CEO

Unwired India is a neurotech-startup that aims at integrating state-of-the-art research and developments in STEM, for catalyzing the transition of Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. We develop avant-garde non-invasive neurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s most critical global issues and challenges. Our mission is to take cutting-edge brain research directly into the lives and homes of people, thereby fostering a unique culture of sustainable neuroscience and scientific literacy in India.

  • Founded in 2020, we are the pioneers of Nootropics and non-invasive Neurotechnology devices in the country, and offer so much more than high-quality, delicious Brain Nutrition products for daily cognitive support; a full-service health and fitness startup that has become an important part of the local community, here in New Delhi, India.

  • We develop non-GMO, all-natural nootropic (smart-drug) formulations, Himalayan herb blends, and specialized amino-nutraceutical interventions and supplements for enhanced brain function, cognition, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration.


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