I FAILED THE 4x4x48 ULTRA-ENDURANCE CHALLENGE (Insights/Realisations from the torture)

My new year started with a failure! 12 hours into the 4x4x48 Ultra-Endurance challenge, I gave in. I contracted a cold & a fever during mile 11, and ended up passing out on a pill for more than 4.5 hours. Though people might call that a win in itself and may sugarcoat it because of the fever, I wouldn't want to lie to myself. It's time to take extreme accountability; I failed to conquer the 4x4x48 Ultra-Endurance Challenge. Here's why. Here's some insights/realisations from the torturous process.

The 4x4x48 challenge entails you running 4 miles (6.43 kms), every 4 hours for 48 hours straight. That's you running 6.43 kms 12 times over 2 days!

It takes around 35-40 minutes to run 6.43kms; which really doesn't sound as tough. The toughest part of the challenge, however, is the fact the 4x4x48 only allows you to have roughly around 3 hours to rest, revamp, reevaluate, shower, shave, eat, sleep & prepare for the next run, which will again be gruesome! This challenge is insanity. Insanity is greatness.

The truth is often most offensive. I failed. Period. I wasn't mentally or physically prepared to crack one of the world's most intense physical ultra-endurance challenges. But, I have a tendency to carry my failures on my sleeve; I say it proudly.

I'm afraid of failure. Failure is something that you should be afraid of. You should be afraid of it. But, that’s why you should go out there & challenge yourself to fail; because if you’re not failing at something, that simply means that you’ve set your goals to pass. You've set your goals to succeed at everything you do. You've set your bar too low; which means you’re not setting your goals high enough.

However, I don't even look at it as failure anymore. That's failure?

I’m over here trying to do something I've never ever done before; I'm trying to invent the lightbulb. Anything you do along that path is amazing.

Today's Realisation & Acceptance: Life will come around & humble you & make you fall to your face. It will make you taste the filth off the ground like a bully, until you bow down to the process. Most of the people who walk the face of this earth haven't even tried to attempt what you've been trying to fail at. That in itself is amazing!

Going into everything I've done in my life, I've known that I'll have to do it five times just to make it. I've known that I'm the kid who has to work extra hard just to break even, and get to the same platform where others start from. From being a 115kgs+ fat and insecure kid, 4 years ago, I crafted my life, my world & my work around always being in constant pursuit of my hundred percent.

One may just give up because the failure's occurring too much; that's just never been me. If you wish to endure through the 4x4x48 Ultra-Endurance Challenge, you are not allowed to be broken. You are not allowed to give in. You are not allowed to say that it's over. You have to guard your hunger. If your mind breaks, your spirit breaks.

I'm a scared kid, and just like the hardest man on the planet, that’s what gives me a lot of power. Just like so many of us, I had no foundation and I had to build myself, every single day. I had to be willing to be open to pain, suffering, rejections.

When you know that you can run on broken legs with a fever, wake up at 4AM every single morning and put your heart on the line. and you can do a lot of things that other people can do, but they’re not willing to do it. There’s power in that. There’s power in suffering. In discipline. accountability is suffering. taking EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY & OWNERSHIP of your life, and every single aspect of it. For yourself and the ones around you. There’s this charge of energy. You can tap into that for a lot of power. because that’s really where i get my strength from.

"Most of us sweep our failures and evil secrets under the rug, but when we run into problems, that rug gets lifted up, and our darkness re-emerges, floods our soul, and influences the decisions which determine our character. my fears were never just about losing, and my anxieties toward failing weren’t about the pain of the heartbreak. they were seeping from the infected wounds I'd been walking around with my entire life, and my denial of them amounted to a denial of myself. I was my own worst enemy. it wasn’t the world, or god, or the devil that was out to get me. It was me."

I am proud to announce that I shall be running the 4x4x48 again on March 7, 2022; this time with concrete contingencies in place. This time, with a calloused mind.

For those of you who failed with me at the challenge today, the fact that we attempted to pull this off in itself is greatness!

We're going back to the drawing board; it's time to do the Math & prepare for March 7, 2022. AGAIN. NO DAYS OFF.


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