Integrating the head, heart and chip by working at the forefront of the confluence of the Brain&Mind.


Transforming the conventional 9-5 norm to a holistic 24x7 lifestyle that revolves around self-actualisation and individualistic transformation.


Aiding the transition from Homo sapiens to Homo technologicus, by evolving ourselves while contributing to the holistic evolution of community and civilisation.


Catapulting the transition from Neuroscience to Neurotechnology, by combining scientific wisdom of the past with technologies of the present, for a better future.

About Unwired India

Our Philosophy

We develop non-GMO, all-natural nootropic (smart-drug) formulations, Himalayan herb blends and specialised amino-nutraceutical interventions and supplements for enhanced brain function, cognition, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. Through our start-up venture called “Unwired India”, we wish to take Neuroscience to the daily lives and homes of people, thereby making ‘Brain Nutrition’ accessible to the masses in the form of a cognitive chocolate bar fused with herbal extracts, a smart-drug coffee roast and a herbal tea blend, based on traditional Indian system of medicine. Several of these drugs have been used for thousands of years to effectively manage neurological health issues and recent research in India, US and Germany has proven their efficacy. We intend to employ an evidence-based modern scientific approach towards managing neurodegenerative diseases, depression, traumatic brain injury in soldiers and other geriatric problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

At Unwired India, we believe that brain foods and quality ingredients should be available to everyone at prices that don’t cost an arm and a leg. We started operating in New Delhi in 2020. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of changes in the way people approach Neuroscience- and we couldn’t be more excited. Come and check us out in person and discover something innovative, healthy and delicious today.


All About Us

Since 2020.

UNWIRED INDIA is the definition of Innovation! Founded in 2020, we like to say we are bringing joy to New Delhi, and it’s something we hope to be doing for years to come. But we offer more than just high-quality, delicious Brain Nutrition products. We are a full-service Health&Fitness startup that has become an important part of the local community. Come down and meet us.



Diversity for Disruption: Catalysing the Transition from Neuroscience to Neurotechnology

19th-century Genetics has now evolved into 21st Century Genomics. Consequently, Biology of the past has become 'Biotechnology' of the present. A few years ago we went from the Neuron to the Perceptron, which clearly marked the onset of a new dawning era of Neuroscience. As you read this post, Scientists from all across the globe are currently engaged in the quest to transform traditional Neuroscience into Neurotechnology and Personalized Neuromedicine. Join us in this transition as we attempt to take Neuroscience into the homes of people!

Computer Circuit Board

Sanskriti: Our Values & Culture

The Transcriptomic DNA signature that drives exploration at the "Unwired India" consortium.

  1. DRIVE: The unrelenting need for achievement and constant self-improvement. 

  2. RESILIENCY: The ability to persevere in face of challenge and bounce back from setbacks.

  3. ADAPTABILITY: The ability to adjust according to the situation, learn new things, innovate and always try new methods.

  4. HUMILITY: Self-confidence in one's ability while understanding that there's always room for improvement and other's experiences and knowledge are valuable.

  5. INTEGRITY: Adherence to what is legal but also what is right.

  6. AFFECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: The ability to apply one's knowledge to real world scenarios.

  7. TEAM ABILITY: The ability to function as part of a team, placing the success of the whole above the needs of the self. 

  8. CURIOSITY: A desire to explore the unknown and question the status quo in pursuit of better, more effective solutions. 

  9. EMOTIONAL STRENGTH: A positive attitude, high empathy and control over one's emotions; especially in chaotic and stressful situations. 

  10. ACCOUNTABILITY: The ability to hold yourself responsible, in times of hardships and setbacks. 

Always, for the unrelenting voice inside our heads that will never allow us to stop. Always, for the kids who dreamt big. Always, in constant pursuit of our one hundred percent.

Beyond Borders: Integrating Traditional Indian Medicine with emerging Technologies for a 360° Perspective

Sanskriti for Disruption: Unleashing the Minds of 600 Million Young People for a new developing India.

At UNWIRED INDIA, we believe in a user-driven approach, as we aim to make personalized consumer-centric Indian innovations our primary objective. We believe in scaling the efforts of farmers and artisans to give back to society as we undertake services for traditional Indian artisans, cultivators, and farmers, while providing them with assistance in completing the life-cycle of a product with our networked circle of partners from all across- such that we can help take Indian ideas from their brains into the lives and homes of people from all over, thereby catalyzing socio-economic development and driving Indian exploration and developments beyond borders. 


We provide opportunities to highly-motivated business personnel to join as a part of our team, channel partners, distributors, stockists, dealers, region managers, and online business partners. We are actively employed in fostering an active working environment with income generation and operation opportunities for empowering rural communities of India, helping them with a platform to manifest their revolutionary ideas for cultivating transformations across the country and beyond. Join us in this transition, as we attempt to integrate 3,500-year-old Vedic traditions and conventional Indian Medicine modalities with new emerging technologies in Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Computer Sciences.


Creating a new ecosystem for Youth Neuroscience in India

We at Unwired India, are actively involved in invoking youth-driven disruptive change, by helping transform society to transform business, science, technology and innovation by unleashing the minds of 600 million youngsters and leveraging diversity for disruption to further scale the impact across and beyond the glass ceiling.

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Tanmay Arora

Founder & CEO

Tanmay Arora is a scientist, artist, musician and inventor who believes that computers and cells are both complex machines that share concepts of pathways, networks, signals and memory. He holds expertise in Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Entrepreneurship and Managerial Skills for Interpersonal Dynamics, gained from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, Kharagpur and Roorkee, India. He has previously published a book on “Introduction to Shell Scripting and Python Programming” 2020, and is currently working on his second and third books. With an immense passion for recent advances in modern sciences at the interface of neurobiology and computers, he is currently employing machine learning approaches to solve complex biological problems. A disruptive entrepreneur in the making, he is an IFLC alumnus and has actively assisted on a number of R&D teams and projects at DRDO and IIT- Delhi, while scaling a number of business-oriented ventures, that aim at integrating science and society.


Instagram: @impoundedechoes [literally everything]

@tintinonthetrack [music]

@butterflyboymeows [science]

Spotify/Soundcloud/Amazon/Jio Saavn/Apple Music: tanmayarora

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